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    My DIY Space Invader Magnets inspired my to make some other magnets as well.

    Mostly, because I bought sparkly glue gun sticks and wanted to test them.

    This time, I’ve made glittery, fruit magnets!

     Fruit Magnets

    Honestly, I can say the sparkly ones were a TOTAL PAIN, but okay to look at. They aren’t 100% clear, which was a bit of a bummer. They do, however, junk up your glue gun, so luckily I bought a separate one for this projects ( I was hoping to use the glittery ones again, but I’m not so sure after the project).

    I probably wouldn’t use these much again (it took several sticks for each magnet! Even using clear ones for the bluk of the inside), but that could also be the new hot glue gun I got. Maybe it smaller or something? I got a new one so the glitter wouldn’t get stuck in my other ones.

    In any case, this is just like the Space Invader magnets – you just use a fruit mold instead!

    First, grab your goods.
    Mold, glitter glue sticks, glue guns, magnets.

     What you need

    Then, use the special glue sticks to fill the bottom of your mold. You may need to dip your finger in water, and use it to smooth the glue throughout the mold for the base layer, so you get all the details in the side. If you’re using multiple colors, you may need to take turns (as shown below). For instance, fill all the parts that need green first, rather than taking the stick out, switching colors, which ends up mixing, etc.

    After that, fill with clear glue gun sticks (so you don’t waste the more expensive ones).

     Fill the mold

    Then, add a magnet, just like last time.

    I used big magnets for these, and they didn’t work as well as the tiny, strong ones from the Space Invader ones.

    Oh well. They’re still pretty cute!
    Now you know to use the tiny ones from HERE instead.

     Finished Products

    There you go!

    DIY Projects, Inspired by Pinterest, Make

    DIY Marble Planter Pot

    Inspired by pinterest



    Isn’t it the best?
    Honestly, I would have about 50% fewer DIYs if it weren’t for Pinterest.
    So, I’ve started a new series for me.

    ‘Inspired by Pinterest”

    These posts will be projects I’ve seen on pinterest that I’ve given my own try at.

    My first official post in the series will be this lovely DIY Marble Planter Pot.
    Look how cute mine turned out!

    Close up

    Also, yes, I know, I need to paint that water disk thing.
    I seriously can’t remember the name.


    It was inspired by this pin:

    And the original content can be found on the Oh Joy! Website.


    You will need-

    + Disposable pot/bowl of room temp. water (it is important that it is not cold, so the polish doesn’t hard on the water’s surface)
    + Nail polish colors of choice
    + Item to be paint (I chose a terra cotta planter I had painted white last week)

    !! Try to do this project outside, if you can, so you don’t get overwhelmed by the smell of nail polish !!

    Step one: Get your pot of water. Like I said above, it is important for it not to be too cold! Room temp. water, or even a little warmer is better, so that your polish doesn’t hard on the surface of the water before you even paint your planter. Also, get your object to be painted. I chose a terra cotta pot that I painted white.

    Pot o' Water

    Blank Pot

    Step two: Pick out your polishes. I choose three colors that went together.
    A pastel purple I got from Five Below,
    A teal blue I got from Rue 21,
    and a hot pink/magenta color from Sally Beauty.

    The Chosen Ones [for the project]

    Step three: Slowly pour the polishes, one color at a time, on the surface of the water. Make sure you pour them out from fairly close to the water, of they will sink down the bottom and not help you out at all. You may want to stir the paint around a little to get better coverage. I learned I liked my designs better when i DID NOT stir it.

    Polish 1

    Polish Two

    Polish 3 and stir

    Step four: Dip it real good. Slowly dip your pot (or whatever object you’re painting) into the polish coated water. The polish will cling to the sides of the pot and ‘paint’ it. I dipped my pot two or three times, re-coating the water with polish each time.

    Dip a few times

    You may not need to dip it multiple times!
    My polish was older (which was why I used it), and not it good shape. Some were super thin, and some were that old and chunky type. In order for me to get goo coverage, I dipped it multiple times.
    If you use a decent nail polish, and thoroughly coat the surface of the water in your pot, once may be enough!

    Step five: Let it dry. I let mine dry outside, as well. Because I didn’t want my roommate to complain about a nail polish smell.

    I have no picture of this. It would literally just be a standing pot.

    Step six: Once completely dry, put a plant in it, and admire your creation!

    Close up

    It stands out among my other planters. it’s so cute. Also, I obviously need to paint the under plant disk thing white. What is it called? The name is failing me.
    Any ways, I need to paint that white too, then all will be completed!

    Pretty New Pot


    DIY Projects, Geek Stuff, Inspired By Pinterest, Inspired by Pinterest, Make

    DIY Dino Planter

    Dino Planter

    So, I came across this post on Pinterest, and loved the idea.

    After some searching, I found that the original is from the lovely folks at Plaid Pigeon, I believe, so if you are gung-ho about purchasing one of these, take a look in their shop! Theirs include real plants, more color options, and more dinosaur (and even animal) options. Their store is lovely, so if you’d like to buy one, please visit them at Plaid Pigeon.

    But now, the problem was that I couldn’t afford the cute planter on my own, but still wanted one.

    For a DIY version, my instructions are below.
    If you’d like to put in a real succulent, instead of the fake one I used, all you’ll need to do is follow the alterations mentioned below, as well!

    Here’s what you’ll need for the Faux version:
    Things you'll need!
    -Paint color of choice
    -Paint Brush
    -Plastic Dino (Mine was $1 from Dollar Tree)
    -Craft Knife (Be careful!)
    -Faux Succulent

    For a REAL plant, please replace the Faux Succulent with a real succulent plant, along with gathering some small rocks, and some good cacti/succulent soil.

    First step is to cut a hole in the top of your dino. I used a faux plant, so my hole could be really small.
    Cut a hole
    For a real plant, make sure you cut out a large, even hole out of the back of your dino, and also cut a small hole in each foot (for drainage).

    Next step is to paint that sucker. I used a cute blue. You can also spray a coat of clear spray paint or enamel when finished for protection.
    Paint your boy
    For a real plant, make sure you don’t get paint inside the Dino.

    Then, add your faux succulent, and VOILA!
    Finished little guy!
    For a real plant, add a bottom layer of small rocks, another layer of soil, and then nestle your plant inside. Then, as previously mentioned- VOILA!


    You’re all set!

    Geek Stuff, LootCrate Unboxing, Purchase

    LootCrate Unboxing – February 2015

    So, I’ve had LootCrate for a little over a year, I believe, and some of the themes have been hit or miss for me.

    But, this crate had some really neat stuff in it, so I’d have to say that this is one of my favorites as a whole crate.

    Just so we all remember:  LootCrate is a geeky subscription box. Each month, you get a box filled with nerdy goodies, gamer gear, comics, toys and sometimes an exclusive shirt. Items vary each month, following a theme.

    LootCrate can be found here. Subscriptions are $13.95 a month, plus shipping and handling [If you choose a one month at a time option- You can save month by signing up ahead for several box plans, like the prepaid 3 months plan). My LootCrate monthly total typically ends up, after S&H, being about $20 a month. There’s typically some sort of coupon code online for $3-5 off for your first box, if you’re thinking about a subscription!

    Here’s the crate for February 2015! The theme was ‘Play.’

    Here’s almost everything that was in the crate:

    Total Crate

    Part of the items are missing- there was a set of dice. Funny thing is, in the booklet they give you with the descriptions of the bags, they mention “we put these dice in a velveteen bag, so you don’t lose them!” but… I ended up losing the entire bag between when I opened it and took initial pictures, to when I took the group picture. Oops.


    Let’s go over the items piece by piece.

    First, there was the book ‘Ready Player One’ by author Ernest Cline.

    Ready Player One

    I’m super stoked to receive a book in my LootCrate. Honestly, I love tshirts, but I love even more that there was a book instead of a tshirt this month. This book is described as “Willy Wonka meets The Matrix,” so I’m pretty excited to read it. I don’t even know what genre that would fall in, beyond sci-fi.

    Next, we have the Looter Edition SUPERFIGHT Card Game, from Skybound Games.


    It seems like a geek version of Cards Against Humanity, so I’m really happy. Cards Against Humanity is hilarious, and adding a little nerd to the mix seems like an even better way to play.

    After that, we have a little Hexbug. I got the original version.

    Hexbug Name

    Hexbug Top

    It’s labeled as a ‘high-speed, oversized mechanical bug that scutters across floors and even flips itself over from its back.’ So… this is the least creepy version of a bug I will ever encounter. So that’s great.

    Next, there’s the exclusive ‘Rock-Paper-Scissors’ Dice Game, from Loot Crate itself. It also comes with instructions, because you can use them with the game board (which is the lootcrate box itself!)

    Crate Game Instructions

    Each side represents rock, paper, or scissors, making it a easy way to play RPS with no cheating.

    We also got a DIY Munny figure.

    Munny DIY FIgure

    I’m really excited about this, because I’ve been wanting a Funko Pop Blank DIY figure for a while, to turn it into a mini me, but this came in the LootCrate so now I don’t have to look elsewhere! We’ll just see whether or not I’m any good at actually customizing the thing.

    Lastly, there was a card code for the online Firefly Game.

    Firefly Card

    It’s for a premium ship, I believe, even though there’s a gun on the front side.

    Also, of course, the box was something neat again. This time, the booklet (the one that describes all your items) also had game pieces in it, and the box itself folded out to a game board! So cute.

    Crate Game Box

    Lastly, there was also the ‘Play’ theme pin, a button that changes depending on each theme with each box.

    There you have it folks! That was February’s “PLAY” themed box.

    Once again, if you’re interested, you can go to LootCrate to check out their subscriptions.
    I’m still thinking about switching to the yearly plan, to get the expense out of the way and to save an additional $24.

    If you’d like to save $3 on your first crate, they typically release a coupon code at some point, so watch for that!

    The theme for March is stated as ‘Covert’ which focuses on a “dynamite, jam-packed collection of covert operations” [Source – LootCrate].


    More fictional alphabets you can use in everyday life!

    I followed an interesting pinterest link lately.

    It led me to Jennifer Lewis’ article on Flavorwire, “10 fictional alphabets you can use in everyday life.”

    You can find the article here.

    She has a great list. There’s:

    Gothic Vulcan (from Star Trek) was akso listed, but the original link was dead. I have included a new link if you are interested in Vulcan!

    One of my favorites that was unlisted is the Precursor Alphabet (from the Jak and Daxter series). Jak and Daxter was my one of my favorite game series in high school, so I learned it as fast as I could back then. I used to be super geeky, and would write my name on school assignments in that language. I also convinced some friends to learn it so we could pass notes back in forth in class without the teacher being able to read them- you know, back in the day when people used notes.

    If you’re interested in learning more, check out this Master List from the Omniglot website, which has several more, like Halo Covenant alphabet and Romulan.

    Something to keep in mind: sometimes just knowing the alphabet is not enough to know the whole language. Luckily, some fictional alphabets are simple in that once you know the alphabet, you can write and type directly in the language; but, others can be difficult- knowing the alphabet may not directly translate to sounds and words in the other language (just as knowing the Japanese Hiragana and Katakana alphabets means you can read the sounds, but may not understand the words).

    Some fun fictional languages that are a little more in depth include:

    Although, you could just look into the ones you’d like to know, and study them, and you’ll have interesting knowledge either way!

    Have fun!