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Strong Women Series – Lt. Roberta Warren (Z-Nation)


My strong woman for today is a helluva gal- Lt. Roberta Warren of SyFy and The Asylum’s Z-Nation.

Warren, played by the mega-babe Kellita Smith, has been a Boss Bitch since day 1.

Z-Nation is a  apocalyptic, zombie-themed series show on SyFy where a small group of survivors, led by Warren, try to get the only known survivor of a zombie bite to the Center for Disease Control in hopes of producing an antidote.

I started watching the show because The Asylum is my favorite production company every, but I stayed for the kickass women (mostly Warren, for sure).

For the first bit of season 1, Warren is one of two hallmark leaders in the group, making sure the other survivors continue surviving, and try to achieve the main goal (Operation: Bite Mark – getting Murphy (the bitten survivor) to the CDC). She takes over full control partway through, as a natural leader (partially due to her previous experience in the National Guard, partially because [as previously mentioned] she’s a BOSS.).

As all women know, we often have to fill simultaneous roles in life, and Warren is no exception.

Warren is tough, yet still compassionate.
She takes no shit, but still has feelings and remains very human minded in the show.
She doesn’t try to be an emotionless monster, but she does take no prisoners.
She demands respect, but still understands the limitations of her team’s capabilities and strengths.

Essentially, she’s a boss– a very understanding team-lead/manager for the zombie apocalypse.

I want to say Warren’s character goes through a lot of growth like some other characters, but honestly she’s been amazing since the beginning. She’s always been very honest and open with her team. She has always voiced her concerns, allowed others to input on situations, and tried to do what’s best. She deals with even the most annoying member of the team in a way that even he respects her and listens (most of the time).

I already urge everyone to watch Z-Nation, because it’s honestly sheer genius, but the characters seriously make the show even better. Warren is one of my favorite characters, and if it weren’t for her, I’d honestly stop watching.

As time progresses and we learn Warren’s backstory, she gets even more human- but I honestly feel as though she has been open and herself since the first episode, as I’ve already said.

We do learn that she has faults- it’s not like she’s perfect from the get-go, but she’s a perfect character, with all her flaws, intentions, and strengths.

It should be noted that this show, as normal with The Asylum’s productions, is part comedy/part horror. It’s honestly worth the watch.

Get through three episodes, and try to tell me you can stop watching. Honestly, try to. See how difficult it is.

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