Play With Me! – Favorite Mobile Games (PT. 1)

Ever since I moved to Chicago, I’ve found myself needing more to do. Weird, right?

I don’t mean in an overall sense- there’s more to do in Chicago than there ever has been anywhere in my life.
But, I have a lot more passive time that I need to fill with things I like.

For instance, when I was in college, my commute was about 5 minutes, and I was driving. The most I needed was a playlist, or even single song to make my commute. Now, even though I’m relatively close to my work downtown, I still have at least a 10-15 minute commute in the morning. I also use public transportation, or ride-sharing, since my neighborhood’s parking is so crazy (I don’t want to give up my spot to get to work). This means I have at least 1/2 hr every day where I’m just sitting waiting to get to or from work. I didn’t used to have to fill that same kind of time. Before, I was able to stay home longer, and continue whatever it was I was doing there (sleeping), and I didn’t have to worry about it. Now, I have to spend a decent amount of passive time that needs filling.

So, I’ve taken to playing some games on my phone. Ha. I do other things- listen to music and audiobooks, answer emails, do my work, get on pinterest, etc. But, sometimes nothing beats a fun game I can turn to. I’m pretty

Without further ado, here’s the games that I love the most to play on my way to/from work!

1.) Pakka Pets

Oh god, I LOVE this game. It’s like Tamogatchi and Animal Crossing had a baby.

Essentially, you get these little eggs that you hatch into a pet. Just like tamogatchi, you feed and care for your pet, and the type of care/food has an impact of the type of pet you raise. You get to design their room, buy fun foods, and learn new recipes. But, after an update at some point last year, you also get to control your own little town- you can put in fountains and trees and and other stuff, kind of like Animal Crossing. Plus, the residents of the town are your pets! Super cute. I love it so much. Plus, there’s additional little things to do- for instance, you can take the bus to the city/park, where there are additional quests (which are based on the type of pet you have). There’s also a mine where you can find ‘hearts’ (like Bells in animal Crossing – hearts are the form of payment), and crystals and other stuff. There’s a movie theater where you can play a game to earn Hearts or exotic food for your lil babe. There’s even an alchemy component where you can combine foods to make other new foods for your little bb. I seriously love it. The pets are the cutest things. My phone is filled with screenshots of my digiBabies doing cute stuff. I LOVE THEM. AH. If I had to suggest one app to get addicted to from this list, this one is obviously it.

Available on iTunes and Google Play

2.) HappyStreet

When I moved to Chicago, I essentially had no money. All my savings was just enough to cover subletting an apartment for a month or two (I worked through college and tried to save more, but you just don’t make enough money on minimum wage. Even with two jobs). Essentially, because I didn’t have money, I stayed inside a lot. It’s kind of a sham, but I was just really depressed initially. I didn’t have the connections to move into a city, didn’t have a job, and was kind of alone. This isn’t supposed to be a pity part, just an explanation of how much this game means to me. I spent a lot of time on my phone during the initial two-three months moving phase, and then even more time on it when I moved out of the sublet and started crashing on my friend’s couch (it was a weird time). I found this game while looking for something like animal crossing to get into, and I still play it now (I’ve almost been up here for two years). Luckily, life got a lot better (moved off my friend’s couch after a month, got the job I have now, found my own apartment in an awesome neighborhood, etc.)- buuuuut, I still play this game. The music in it now reminds me of a time when I was genuinely just trying my best, and it makes me really nostalgic. Check the trailer below.

I still check in and play it every once in a while now. Essentially, you build an entire town based on a single street (a HAPPY street). It evolves to include additional areas (a cave, a beach, a mountain, a forest, etc.) where you gather materials and can do additional things. The characters are all super cute, and talk in a sweet ‘deet-doot-be-bappa’ sim-esque made up language (with subtitles). They are cute. You can change their clothes, create houses, and essentially you need to create things on your street to keep the townspeople happy. They like food and games and fun- right up my alley. It’s super cute. It’s more a long term game, too. It take s a while for missions and stuff, so it’s fun and keeps you occupied. It’s a very sweet game! I still really enjoy it.

Available on iTunes and Google Play

3.) NekoAtsume

This game is super cut. You just ‘collect’ cats. This game allowed me to become a crazy cat lady while still maintaining a relatively clean home and somewhat active social life, haha.

[Image: Neko Atsume ]

Essentially, you have a yard. You put toys and food out in your yard and then exit the app. Periodically, you can check back (to refresh food and whatnot), and find all kinds of neighborhood cats hanging out in your yard! It’s really neat. Plus, it’s great for someone with anxiety. I used to hate playing games because I’d feel guilty about leaving the fictional characters starving (for example, I have GREAT GUILT concerning my neopets. They’re starving and I feel AWFUL). But, these cats already have owners- they just visit your yard to see you and grab extra treats. In theory, they’re okay regardless of whether or not you’re there. Does that make sense?

In any case, you can see awesome cats (some super rare), buy them yummy food, take pictures of the kitties and find new toys to play with. Every once a while, a kitty will even share a special treat with you, to show you their appreciation!

It’s a cute game that you can passively check on periodically, and forget for a while without feeling awful. It’s nice to see new cats, especially in the beginning. I can’t even tell you how many screenshots I have of my little kitty babies.

Available on iTunes and Google Play

4.) Pokemon GO

Wow. How did I forget to mention this one yet?

This game was HUUUGE for me (also also the geek community at large). Last summer, since I’m within 3~ miles of work, I would walk home. I work on Lake Shore Dr. in Chicago, and live over in Lincoln park, so it’s a beautiful walk from the campus in River North, along the lake shore path, cutting through Lincoln Park, and even the zoo on good days. ANNNND, my walking last summer was made even better by having this game to play on the way home. Let me tell you – I was OBSESSED. I still have a million screenshots in my phone of pokemon chilling along the lake and at the zoo. It is a seriously cute game.

[Image: Niantic + Pokemon]

Plus, my work has a gym right by my office, so I was able to walk over to the other side of the building during lunch and claim the gym. Since I’m in IT, and most of us, at least in my office are nerds, it kind of blew up around the office, too. Some people were just pokemon fans, some had kids and wanted to learn it, and others were just interested in the augmented reality. In any case, we would essentially all play throughout the day, take lunch breaks together, and walk around. It was seriously good times.

I’d highly suggest this game asa fun way to explore your area, get outside, and to bond with people outside. I’ve actually been walking and had people either stop me, or vice verse, because we know the other is also playing.

Available on iTunes and Google Play

5.) Disney Emoji Blitz

Can you see a theme yet? I obviously like games with little cute characters.

This one is a Disney game, kind of like Candy Crush and Bejeweled Blitx and stuff. Essentially, you match 3 or more characters in a row and try to rack up pints in a time limit. However, the items you are trying to match are little disney character faces! They kind of look like the Tsum Tsum characters, but a bit more stylized.

[Image: Disney]

It’s so cute, honestly. Plus, one of my favorite parts are that you actually earn more emojis that you can actually use as a keyboard on your phone!

Available on iTunesGoogle Play and Windows 10 devices


And that’s the list for now! I made this part 1 because I flit around from game to game a lot. I currently have 200 apps on my phone. I’m not even joking. So, I’m sure I’ll have more to add soon!

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