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Fabric Storage – Mini Bolts of Fabric

So, I saw this AMAZING tip on another blog through pinterest on how to store fabric in an organized manner on the cheap. It’s from Maggie at ‘Smashed Peas and Carrots,’ located at

I’ve been trying to get more organized lately, and tackling my fabric pile was on my list. I’ve got fabric in random piles, unfolded all over the house, and I needed to calm it down.

So, I saw that link from above, and thought it was a great idea. The lady uses comic boards to organize and fold her fabric as mini bolts, and then she stores hers on a book shelf. I actually bought a filing cabinet for this purpose, but really I bet you could pick any type of storage unit you wanted and it would probably work.

I bought my comic boards from Amazon on the cheap- I got 100 for about $8.50, with Prime Shipping. Mine were from Ultra Pro Comic Silver Age Boards, sized 7 x 10.5, which was perfect for all of my fabric (which I think was a standard 45 inches, I believe, although I’m not sure. Typical JoAnn’s fabric width) to be folded width wise in quarters, and then folded on the board.

Here’s what you need:

total materials

Just fabric and comic boards. I imagine some of you already have both lying around the house.

From here, fold your fabric width-wise, so it’s a long strip. Then, place a comic board on one end.

placement one

Fold the fabric over around the comic board.

placement two

Keep folding until you reach the end.

placement three

Then either pin the end, or leave it hanging. I left mine hanging. I wasn’t too worried, since it will be stored in a filing cabinet,

placement four

Keep going until you’re finished folding all your fabric. Look how tidy that looks. It’s so cute, I love it.

placement five

Then, just store as wanted! I put mine in a drawer of my filing cabinet. Now you’re done!



Just look at that. So cute. So organized. I just love it. You can see all the patterns, it’s folded nicely, and it keeps my numbers in check. Filing both drawers is officially my limit. I can’t buy any that won’t fit in the drawer- then I’ll have to use some before I can add more. It’ll force me to do projects, you know?

If you want to see my Fabric Storage Filing Cabinet that I put this fabric in, and how I quickly remade it, check here!

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