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    My favorite casual cosplays! Part 1

    Casual cosplay is so fun.

    I was matched up with the lovely Linsdey at Co-Host Girlfriend for the current round of the Odd Honey Swap, from my pal Harper over at Harper Honey.
    I was talking with Lindsey about how easy and fun it is to mix geek elements into your everyday fashion, so I figured I’d make a quick post about some of my favorite ‘Casual Cosplay’ outfits.

    So, with ‘casual cosplay,’ a lot of people don’t even realize that they like it, or already do it-

    Thinking about wearing an outfit you saw on tv? Casual Cosplay.

    Don’t want to go all out on designing someone’s outfit, but still want to dress like them? Casual Cosplay.

    Inspired by someone’s personality or fashion style and decide to replicate it? Casual Cosplay.

    Want to follow Disney’s rules for dressing up in their parks? Casual Cosplay.

    Nerd? Casual Cosplay.

    The list goes on an on.

    I consider ‘Casual Cosplay’ to be anything reminiscent of cosplay. If you like an exact outfit from someone from tv or movies; it you want to pretend you are that character in everyday life; if you like to show off your geeky side, and wear fandom inspired outfits. All of this stuff, and more, to me, is casual cosplay.

    I was thinking about some of my favorite characters from tv shows and movies, and which kind of outfits are my favorite.

    For this post, I’ll focus on outfits inspired by a character, since that’s an easy place to start.

    Typically, one of my favorite types for these are Disney Princess outfits done casually. This could be actual outfits from the character trimmed down to be more casual, outfits inspired by their general taste, things like that.

    Here are some examples from the user ‘Juliaann35’ from Polyvore.






    They’re simple, but you get the idea, right?
    You can just use regular clothes to inspire your look to a new level!

    You can also remix the character’s style, using their main elements (like color, texture, clothing item type, etc.) to change up their look!
    Here’s some examples of ‘Hipster Disney Princesses’ that I like.

    Snow White






    Outside of the Disney fandom, here are some other examples!

    Doctor Who:

    Femme Eleventh Doctor


    how to dress like Rose Tyler, a guide

    The Avengers/Marvel Universe:


    Loki by sampoly featuring a moto jacket


    Agent Coulson


    Iron Man


    Captain America




    And, just for fun, some of my favorites: PIZZA PLANET [from the Toy Story Franchise]

    Pizza Planet


    Pizza Planet

    I’ll see you soon, with more!!

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    Cosplay Goals – 2015

    In the past, I’ve just sort of done costumes at the drop of a hat.

    This has lead to a dozen half-finished costumes in a poorly organize heap, along with a bunch of unused supplies that get shoved into my closet and forgotten.

    This year, I’ve decided to follow the inspiration of the greats and actually plan things out.

    A revelation, I know. Mind-blowingly simple, yet effective.

    I’ve finally settled on my goals for this year, now that we’re 21 days in. This would seem like a long time, but keep in mind I haven’t ever made the goals before, so 21 days is relatively short.

    So, without further ado:

    2015 Cosplay Goals for Stephy Young

    cosplay goals 2015

    Listed in the order they appear in the picture, from top left to bottom right, we have:

    Poison Ivy: I’m finally going to finish my costume for the lovely Poison Ivy, my favorite Gotham City siren. This has been a goal (even though I just said I don’t have goals) for years. Poison Ivy is a smart, badass babe, and I hope to bring exactly that fiesty attitude to the table with my cosplay.

    Hanji Zoe: My absolute favorite character in Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin. Hanji is possibly, literally insane, but she’s very intellegent. Her stories on AoT are excellent- she’s a catalyst character that provides so much background and scientific information on the Titans. I think it’s impossible not to love her. I already have the jacket, so now I just need… all of the rest of her ensemble.

    Black Canary: Arguably, from me at least, one of THE toughest fighters in the DC universe. She’s also an inspiration because originally, she didn’t have super powers – she was just smart and did great under cover work. Then, even later when she was depicted with a super power, (as the daughter of the original, for continuity reasons), she was still a smart person and great fighter.

    Lady Loki: I plan on perfecting my Lady Loki costume. This is one of my favorite. I love explaining to people that the character is not a ‘rule 63’ or whatever- that Lady Loki is technically a standalone character in the Marvel Universe. For those of you who don’t know, Loki, the ultimate trickster, was ultimately tricking Thor after this great battle in Norse mythology, and convinced Thor to bring back Loki’s soul, but into the body of Thor’s dead lover. From here, Loki is a female in body, and in spirit (as she is incredibly creative, crafty and smart- it’s the magic done while in this role that convinces Odin to adopt Loki in the first place, basically making this the start of one of our favorite villains, Loki. I know the paradoxical timeline can be tricky, but trust me- she’s seriously cool).I was Lady Loki for Halloween this past year, but I didn’t get to perfect the entire costume, because I was so worried about the diadem being perfect. I plan to work on the entire outfit soon.

    Silk Spectre: I’m loving making my own, custom bodysuits, so I think I’d really like designing and working on the Sally Jupiter style Silk Spectre outfit. Plus, who doesn’t love that retro hairdo and badass vixen temperament?

    Ramona Flowers: Last, but not least, is Ramona Flowers from the Scott Pilgrim series. I don’t even know how to get into to explaining how awesome Ramona is. Just go buy and read these, and you’ll understand.

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    Lady Loki Cosplay

    Here’s a quick snap of my Lady Loki costume from Halloween.

    I will be releasing DIY tutorials on how I made separate parts, along with real pictures and a walk-throughDIY .

    Hang in there!