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    5 Fandom Friday: 5 TV Shows I Can’t Wait To Watch in 2017

    I don’t want to admit how much tv I watch (lest you say I have a problem), buuuut the 5 Fandom Friday prompt this week calls for baring my soul and admitting what I’m super in to (I’ve never done that before *COUGH COUGH*).

    I guess I’ll just have to use this opportunity to talk you ear off.

    This week’s 5 Fandom Friday post is 5 TV shows I’m stoked for this year, and lemme tell you– IT’S GONNA BE BIG.


    1) ATTACK ON TITAN [April 2017] – Absolutely numero uno for me. Good lawd I can’t even begin to tell you. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve been obsessed with AoT since the first season came out in 2013. We’re finally getting the second season (4 YEARS LATER) and I feel like I’m dying I’m so excited. Part of me is still suspicious (they’ve announced the second season in 2015, twice in 2016 and now again in 2017), so I feel like I”ll believe it when I see it. Buuuuut, Funimation themselves put out a release date and official trailer, so I’m feeling lucky this year…. although, the date is April 1st for release, and if it was an April Fool’s Day prank, I wouldn’t even feel mad. I would just accept it at this point. If it does happen, happy birthday to me! (Shameless plug- my birthday is in early April).

    UPDATE: Here’s another funimation confirmation (say that 5 times fast) post. OH GOD IT’S HAPPENING.

    [GIFS: Property of NBC and The Office]

    2). The Walking Dead [Feb. 2017] –  I’ve been watching the Walking Dead for a few years now, but almost always as an ‘afterthought’ I’d say. I’m a big fan, but I haven’t had cable after moving out from my parent’s place, so I haven’t been able to keep abreast of the series until this past season. Now that I can steadily watch it on a particular day (due to dating someone with cable), I’m STOKED. I mean, I remember watching the first episode live with my little brother, and being super excited about it, so I love being able to watch live now. This past year The Dude and I would watch Westworld and then TWD and it made for amazing Sundays. It’s a shame Westworld won’t be back until 2018, though.


    3.) Orange is the New Black  [June 2017] –  BRUH. OITNB has gotten DEEP and I FEEL IT. Season 4 ended on a MAJOR CLIFFHANGER with the entire season being one of the most tense situations as a whole yet. There is some serious social commentary going on, on so many levels, and I honestly almost cannot wait any longer in this situation. I hope it picks up exactly where it left off. The aftermath is going to be so serious. It’s really going to be great television, for one, but also showcasing the deep human emotions in the show continually motivates me to keep volunteering and donating and trying to improve lives. Silly to get it from a TV show, but it reminds me of little things (like women in prison need good books and things to help get out of the vicious cycle). Anyways.



    4.) Z Nation [At some point in 2017] – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Asylum is like…my favorite tv show and movie producing people (They’re the geniuses behind every clever knock-off film , and even the sharknado series). They’re ridiculous and I love them. That applies because the SYFY channel and Asylum have teamed up to make a zombie show, and I love it. It’s full of the ridiculousness that I enjoy from Asylum, with sheer genius coming from SYFY. It returns this year, and I’m so excited! It’s actually really good, and the pace is great. Forget TWD where it takes several seasons to move cities- they people go ALL OVER and it’s great.  If you’re interested, seasons 1 +2 are on Netflix, and 3 is on the internet if you’re crafty (definitely *~*~*don’t*~*~* do illegal things).



    5.) Bob’s Burgers –  There’s only two more episodes in season 7 this year, which means we’ll have to wait until September for season 8. Bob’s Burgers is one of my absolute favorite shows, and I NEED these fresh episodes. I’ve rewatched all the past seasons so many times I can recite them with my eyes shut while only being given the first line of the episode. I’m almost 100% serious. But, I do love the episodes so much, and can’t wait for all the new ones this year. If it’s anything like the past few season, we’ll get a solid chunk of episodes before the year’s end.




    So, those’re the main shows I’m hyped up for this year. It’s gonna be BIG.


    Annnnnnnnnd that’s this week’s 5 Fandom Fridays!


    If you want to know more (like what the heck 5 Fandom Friday is), check this blog THE NERDY GIRLIE

    This is the creator, and where all the subjects are posted! She’s a great gal!!

    5 Fandom Friday, Geek Stuff, Series Posts, Watch

    5 Fandom Friday: 5 Films I’m Excited For in 2017


    This 5 Fandom Friday prompt is hard for me, because I have to be forced to watch movies.

    Not that movies aren’t great, because they are amazing, but because I feel guilty sitting down and paying attention to just one thing for a solid two hours when I’ve got so much going on all the time.

    But, with that being said, I still have some movies I look forward to.
    Here are mine for 2017.

    0.) Split – The reason this doesn’t count on this list is because I’ve got tickets for tonight and I’m already seeing it. Haha. Super excited though!

    UPDATE – AMAZING. Go watch it.


    1). Guardians of the Galaxy 2 [May 5, 2017] – Believe it or not, I didn’t see the first one until THE OTHER DAY. Not quite sure how I put it off for so long (especially considering how great it was), but like I said- I feel guilty just watching movies. So, judging from the fresh excitement having just the first one, I’m really stoked that there is a second this year! I’ve been told it comes out in May, and I’ve planned some DIYS just in time for the movie’s release. I’ve become a superfan out of nowhere.

    2). New/Updated Superhero movies – This is just a category, since there’s several this year, but here they are.

    Thor Ragnarok [Nov. 3 2017] – I won’t lie, not sure how I feel about this one, only to say that I know I’m going to see it. As some may know, one of my cosplay characters is Lady Loki, who functions into the timeline around Ragnarok (although I don’t believe she’ll be in it at all). I won’t say I’m stoked to see this, but I know I will be seeing it.

    Wonder Woman [June 2, 2017] –  I am stoked for this though.

    Justice League [Nov 17, 2017] –  I’ve got high hopes, and have no reason to feel Marvel will let me down at all.

    Logan [Mar 3, 2017] –  I’ll be forced by my significant other to watch this one, but I’m also sure I’ll like it.

    Spider-Man Homecoming [July 7, 2017] – eeeeeeeeeee. We’ll see. I’m STOKED for Zendaya, but kinda unsure about another spider man movie.

    3. STAR WARS Ep. VIII [Dec. 15, 2017]   – Not sure why I made this number three?? What the heck. I am stooooooked for this, though. ENough said there.

    4. A Cure for Wellness [ Feb. 17, 2017] – Now, for this one, I’m legitimately excited. My friend Marka sent me over the trailer the second she saw it, and we’ve been stoked to go ever since( We’re also stoked to see Rings, which may give insight to the types of movies we like, ha). I may see it opening weekend. I’m a horror fan, as we know. As of now it has a 50% on Rotten Tomatoes, which means it could go either way, I guess.

    5.) Get Out [Feb 24, 2017] – I [in] love [with] Jordan Peele, and I’m super excited for this movie that he’s directed, especially since it’s horror. I’ve heard some complaints that white people are being made the villain, but that’s like… the entire premise of the movie, so I’d suggest not watching it to those people. I think it’s a very interesting premise that will play both on real social commentary as horror and genuine thriller/horror standard moves (jump-scares, etc.) , and I think combined it will be a great watch.

    Honorable Mentions: The Circle [Apr. 28], World War Z 2 [June 9], Amityville: The Awakening [June 30], Alien: Covenant [May 19], Saw: Legacy [Oct. 27 (perfect for Halloween!)


    ANNNNNNNNNND that’s where we’re at now. Seeing all those titles makes it look like I’m way more into movies than I am, especially  since I probably won’t see everything on this list.

    If you want to know more (like what the heck 5 Fandom Friday is), check this blog THE NERDY GIRLIE

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    5 Fandom Friday: 5 Nerdy Places I Want To Travel To

    This week’s 5 Fandom Friday prompt asks for Nerdy places to travel to. I’m taking this as places that either have a nerdy/geeky background, had something filmed there, etc. Keep that in mind when you read my choices – when I saw Hawaii, I don’t mean all of Hawaii is a nerd. In fact, the people are quite lovely. It’s for other reasons, explained below.

    1.) Hawaii –  As mentioned above, Hawaii in itself is not a collective nerd. However, Hawaii is an awesome shooting location for several things I’ve loved, and I want to visit again so that I can do the tours. For instance, Lost was shot there, and they have a Lost tour on the islands that show the different shooting locations and what not. Also, Jurassic Park. Hawaii 5-0. Think of the great tours!! I’m lucky, because (when not deployed, as he currently is), on of my little brother’s is stationed there, and it makes it a do-able visit (since I can stay on base). So essentially, when he’s back, I can visit for the price of a flight and a tour. NICE.

    2.) London –  I’ve never been to the UK, and I’m pretty sure London would be the best place for me to visit for a good shot of geekdom culture. In between all the BBC shows, and the general like-mindedness of geeks between the UK and the US, I’m sure it would be amazing. Not to mention to the tea.

    3.) DISNEYWORLD – Honestly, this one almost doesn’t even count, since I get my first visit there at the end of March, but I’m SO STOKED. I’ve never been, even as a child. I’m gonna selfie with every princess, visit everything I can and buy too much merch that I hopefully don’t regret later. Also, I want a Dole Whip. I’ve never even had one, and I can already tell it’s going to be the best thing in my life.

    4.) Japan –  Does an entire country count?? Honestly, growing up, I was OBSESSED with Japan and Japanese culture. I’ve even had several years of language classes, to boot. I want to visit Japan so bad, mostly for geeky reasons. I’m still big into Anime, and I obviously love cosplay, and I just think Japan would be a wonderful, mindblowing place for me to visit. It’s super expensive (because I’d buy everything), though, so I have to put it off a bit. But, one of my younger brothers was deployed there once and grabbed me a souvenir for the meantime.

    5.) San Diego Comic Con –  I feel like this is almost a given. I love cosplay and geek culture so much that I almost can’t believe I’ve never been. My older bro even lives in San Diego already, but neither of us have been able to snag a ticket for years. Registration should be coming up soon, however. Maybe it’s my year??? MAYBE.

    If you want to know more (like what the heck 5 Fandom Friday is), check this blog THE NERDY GIRLIE

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    5 Fandom Friday: Goals for 2017

    I’ve decided to try out 5 Fandom Friday posts again, annnnnd I picked a rough topic. Just because 2016 was awful.

    This week’s 5 Fandom Friday prompt kind of hits home for me.

    Honestly, 2016 was rough for me. Most of the year was ‘meh’ or ‘ok’ personally, but I’m very politically alive, and 2016 beats me to shreds. I feel like I cried a lot, and was very emotionally drained all the time.

    However, like a phoenix from the ashes, I hope to arise this year in higher spirits.

    My theme for the year is just getting better. I wanna get better (which is also a good song).

    Currently, I work in a combo university/hospital system, and recently the hospital system’s motto change. They mention that ‘best’ is a destination, but ‘better’ is a quest. I feel like it was a bit pandering, since they’re one of the best in the nation, but they’re right. You should always strive to do more, be more than you were, in whatever capacity that means. I’m taking a queue for their marketing campaign (which, I’m sure is exactly what they want people to do), and having that apply to my goals for 2017. I want to get better, you know?

    1.) Time Management – This may seem like a blanket goal, just too vague to work, but I know exactly what I mean. There’s so many things that I want to do, but I can never get anything done, and I feel guilty all the damn time. When I try to catch up on TV, I feel bad that I’m not sewing for my side project (GET EXCITED FOLKS). When I’m sewing, I feel bad that I haven’t cleaned. When I clean, I feel bad that I haven’t worked on my blog. When I work on my blog, I stay up late and am too tired at work. It just goes on and on and it never lets up and I just feel horrid all the time. So, time management is something I need to use. I’ve signed up for a course through my work, called ‘Getting Things Done‘ with the book shown and it’s supposed to help you prioritize things you need to do, either by the amount of time you have, the energy you have, the deadlines for things, etc. I’m hoping to one day stop feelings guilty, but for now, I just want to get better at controlling my time. I want to be able to actively realize that if I only have 20 minutes for something, I’m obviously only going to be able to do a little, and need to be able to stick to my choice. Otherwise, I flit around and end up getting nothing done. This is a big goal for me.

    2.) Health –  weirdly enough, I prioritize health in a weird way. What I mean is that I always assume I’m dying in some manner, and I’m terrified of dying, but  I also do nothing in particular to avoid that feeling. Kind of a self fulfilling prophecy. This year, I want to focus on my health more, including my mental health. I want to get my fillings done, get back on medication, and start going to the gym again. That’s just a start, but it’s more than I’ve been doing. I just have a problem continually doing things and keeping up the habit. Once I’ve done a bunch, I feel like I should be let off the hook for a while, and that’s where I run into problems.

    3.) Reading –  I always say I love to read, but when I take a book tally at any point, I’m always disappointed. I really want to get back into reading more, but like I said, there always seems to be something else I need to do. I want to read so much more this year, and I need to start with a goal. I think a simple goal, because of the ease of readability, that I’ll start with 100 manga books. I’d say regular novels, but then I’d get discouraged if I was behind and stop all together (I know how I am) and I’d rather stay the course. Maybe that can be a new series post for me this year? The 100 mangas.

    4.) Travel – Again with the vague goals, but I’m serious. I LOVE traveling. I love everything about it. Driving, flying, staying in hotels, hanging out in airports, not understand transportation. I seriously love all of it, and I want to do it more. I have a few trips planned this year, but they often don’t flesh out. This year, I want 3 trips to places I’ve never been before, even if they’re small. Like, I live in Chicago, and Milwaukee is like 2 hours away, and I’ve never been there , even. 3 Trips to places I haven’t been to before, for sure. Otherwise, I’d use travel to my fam. as a crutch and not go anywhere new.

    5.) Career stuff –  I’ve had a full time job for about 1.5 years now (which isn’t long, but I did just finish grad school in mid-2015). WHen I first got hired, it was as a contractor, so I was just focused on getting hired. Once that happened, I figured I was set, at least for a little while. But, now I’ve grown a little starved at my job. I feel underutilized in some areas, and overutilized in others. Since I’m in IT, interacting with users (although they’re just regular people) can really wear on your state of mind. I really liked my job, but now I feel like I dread Mondays the same as everyone else, and I’ve lost a lot of motivation. So, I want to do better there, too. More career trainings, more certifications, maybe even turn my side project into a second job. Who knows.

    Who knows where the year will take me.

    I just hope it’s a good one.

    If you want to know more (like what the heck 5 Fandom Friday is), check this blog THE NERDY GIRLIE

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    5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Pop Funko Figures



    This one will actually be kind of tough for me, solely because I don’t really have an arsenal of characters in my room and because I seriously loooove so many of the lines out now . The only ones I currently own are ones gained through my subscription with Loot Crate, and two bought for me from a friend upon discovering I’m obsessed with Daryl from The Walking Dead (both of which can be found at Walmart- one’s grayscale and the other is just cute.)

    I love the ones I got from here, which include ‘The Joker Batman-Batman” (which I’d love for the name alone, ha) and an exclusive, glow-in-the-dark Groot (who is my super cute baby boy in life). Check out Loot Crate for those!

    I also bought a ‘Sharknado‘ one from eBay, but the seller never sent it! It was this whole big fiasco, and I still never got it.  I do love that one though. Pretty funny.

    So, all of those are a given for some of the favorites that I own, haha.

    Now, for the list.

    1) everything I’ve mentioned, technically.

    But, if I’m looking at all the collections, here’s where some of my favs look like:

    2) Taking a note from The Nerdy Girlie, I’m definitely saying that the Futurama collection will be the love of my life. That’s one of those shows I can watch over and over again without getting sick of it. I typically fall asleep to it most nights- it’s just one of my favorite things. When the line is out, I’m probably going to HAVE to buy Bender, Fry and Leela because my soul will hurt otherwise. I’ll sell other belongings to make the money and make the room. I don’t care. I will get them. They will be mine.


    3) Anyone from the Attack on Titan line. If I had to flat out choose, though, I’d probably get the Colossal Titan. There’s only 5 in the line right now, and he’s my favorite among them. Not my favorite character, mind you- he’s a buttface rude guy, for real. A serious trouble maker. I just think his Pop figure is the best in the line.

    hahahaha. naked NERD.

    Now, if they made a Hange/Hanji figure, I’d spend my money on it. I’d probably buy 12. Put them in places all over the house to cheer me up. In cupboards, behind my bathroom mirror, on my nightstand- everywhere. She’s my favorite babe.


    4) Spock, my boo. Always my favorite Sci-Fi crush. I think Mindy Kaling put the feelings into words the best-


    Just look at how cute he is. Awww. Even little eyeshadow. What a logical babe.

    Spock <3


    5) DIY Pop Lady. I like this one because I want to buy it and paint it like myself. I think that would be fun. I’d make my hair out of clay, fashion little clothes for her, make my glasses and stuff. It would be really cute and a neat activity for the future that I just might do.

    Just imagine the possibilities.


    I love so many lines, that it was hard to decide. Other favorites include:



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    5 Fandom Friday: Conventions I’ve Either Been To Or Wish To Attend



    Ahh, conventions. One of the best parts of the geek lifestyle.

    1) Wizard World Comic Cons – Luckily, there’s TONS of them, so there’s a lot of chances to go. The St. Louis one was my first, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. This year, I plan on attending (or dated order):

    These locations were chosen because they’re close to my current home, near St. Louis, or close to my other homes (family or friends).  Pittsburgh is where my family lives, and it’s the same time as my brother’s birthday (Sept. 14), so that would be perfect. Nashville is down by my college friend, Lazo. I figure I can get him and the other drumline dweebs we were friends with to go and have a fun weekend as a reunion. The ones in Chicago have amazing timing- I’ll be in Chicago for an internship the weekdays after Fan Fest, so I’ll be going there. I also plan on moving up there in August, so that’s great timing for Bruce Campbell fest and the regular WWCC Chicago event.

    2) San Diego Comic Con- The most classic of conventions. Amazingly, despite having brothers who had lived there/near there over two year, I didn’t go. I was even in town the week before one time, and the week after one time, and didn’t make it. It just seems so huge and difficult to start to get into. And now, none of my brothers are close anymore (one in the US Marines was there for Boot Camp, and now is soon getting moved to a perm. duty station, one in the US Navy who lived there for a few years and has been moved to a duty station in one of the Carolinas, and one who moved into the Navy bro’s apt. to house sit while he was on deployment, who moved back to PIttsburgh in October after being in San Diego for 9 months). I’m upset that I didn’t make it while I had people to stay with, but I figure I’ll make it there one day.

    3) New York Comic Con – The sweet sister, or cousin of SDCC. I love New York, and being there for a convention would be amazingly, stupidly fun. I’ll be in NYC in May, but not in October, during the convention, so I think I’ll miss it this year. Womp Womp.

    4) Colossal Con – I’ve been in love with Cedar Point and Sandusky, Ohio since I went there on a trip with my older foster brother and my best friend/current roommate. It’s so awesome up there. Cedar Point was inane, our hotel had a water park, and I looove the lake. So, learning from Mia from that there is also a convention there? That’s literally a dream come true. What a fantastic weekend that would be. I dream about it. It haunts me at night. I need to find a way to go (side note- if you’re going or want to, perhaps we should plan a trip? HMMMMMM?)

    5) Geek Girl Con – The Pacific Northwest seems so romantic for me, and I’ve wanted to visit so bad. This is another instance of ‘I should have tried when I had the chance,’ because one of my cousins used to live up in Seattle, while this convention is held. I also really, really like the idea of a girl-heavy convention. At regular conventions, I feel more judged (whether or not I actually am is something I don’t know if I can flat out prove). I feel as though my knowledge is put into question through quizzes from random people who think I’m a fake fan, I’m made fun of for being a plus-sized cosplayer, and I feel crowded and touched a lot. THey’re things I deal with, but I can’t help but feel as though this convention would be more laid-back, and accepting. I’d love to go for those reasons as a base, and then further because I’ve never heard anything nasty about it. It seems like a really positive fun time in a nice place.


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    5 Fandom Friday: Gateway Fandoms That Made Me Who I Am Today

    This week’s 5 Fandom Friday: Gateway Fandoms That Made Me Who I Am Today.

    Over the past 10-15 years, I’ve gone through a metamorphosis.
    I’ve changed from a weird, awkward preteen to a weird, awkward adult (who’s way more at peace with herself with a better sense of style).

    I’ve gone back and forth between hiding what I like and being proud of what I’m into. Life is weird. I’ve settled at mostly being proud (although that Yaoi phase was a real kicker, ha).

    But, to get to who I am today, here are 5 Fandoms that made me into who I am today.

    1). Harry Potter

    Harry Potter is a big gateway fandom for me, mostly because I started so young, and that’s what geared me towards my fantasy and scifi book preferences today.
    I was 9 or 10 (maybe even 11) when the first book came out, so it felt like I was reading about kids just like me. Especially Hermione, as I was a weird-toothed, bushy haired, nerdy girl myself.Plus, the books came out as I aged with them, so it felt like I grew up with the characters. It needed up being a really important part of my life. My mom would drive me to the bookstores for the midnight releases (one year, we discovered that going two towns over, to the tiny Walmart, was the best way to buy it without waiting in line). I think my technical first cosplay was actually as Hermione- I dressed as her when I was 17 to go to a Harry Potter release party with my friends! We even played ‘quidditch’ in the back yard (i.e., we tied hoops to the trees, ran around the yard with brooms between our legs, and tried to throw balls in the hoops).Good times. That’s a gateway I don’t regret crossing through.

    2). Goosebumps

    Does this count as a fandom? Because it definitely should. Goosebumps books were the things as a kid that made me get into creepy things and horror (although reading them now shows me that they seriously aren’t scary). But, those stories helped me learn that I had fun being ‘artificially scared’- like going to haunted houses, watching horror movies, and reading spooky books. Without Goosebumps (and their dozens of super interesting books for kids), I really doubt that would be a part of my identity now (which coincidentally would change my entire friend group)!

    3). Star Trek

    I didn’t get into Star Trek until a little bit later, developmentally- and I’ll be the first to admit that I originally watched it as a gag. I thought young Shatner was super cute, and I loved things that poked fun at his acting style. But then, a few episodes in, it suddenly became very, very important to me. I loved the diversity of the cast (especially considering the age of the show), and I’ve always been IN LOVE with space. So, if you piece together amazing people having fun and adventures in deep space, you’ve pegged my dream genre. I started with TOS, but as things have moved on, I’m even really digging the new reboot, honestly. I even have a Leonard Nimoy Spock plushie, and a Kirk plushie that a great friend won for me from a machine! I also met William Shatner for my birthday this year!!! (How did I not start with that????)

    4). “Adult Animation”

    Honestly, I think all animation is ‘adult animation,’ but what I actually mean here is animated series with adults as their specific audience. Flat out, I NEED to mention Futurama, and I also really like Bob’s Burgers. I won’t lie, I started with the genre back when I was 9-10, watching Family Guy, then American Dad, etc. But the two that I love the most, and will never tire of are Futurama and now, more recently, Bob’s Burgers. Futurama fit in with my love for space, craving to know what the future was like, and my need for humor. One of the best parts to me is that they”re mostly just regular people in the future. I love it. I still binge watch Futurama and Bob’s burgers all the time. They’re definitely two of my favorite shows ever.

    5). Pokemon and Digimon

    These used to be real big for me as a kid. My brothers and I used to LOOOOVE Pokemon so much- we’d play a game where we launched ourselves at the couch while yelling out names of Pokemon. Somehow, I almost always yelled “Tauros” – despite him not being my favorite. I just thought it was so funny to charge at the couch, like a bull, and yell it out. I also remember my sister waking me up on weekends, asking if I watched to watch Digimon down in her room, in the early mornings. It was very special for me, since my sister is 10 years older. I had this cool teenager that I looked up to, with a private room on the other side of the house, waking me up to watch a cartoon she knew I liked. It’s a good memory for me. The Digimon movie ended up being my favorite for YEARS. I saw it in theaters at a big point in my life – it was right after my parents divorced, and I was moved three states away. It was something familiar in a new places, and I clung to it. I loved it so much. I STILL love the Digimon movie to the moon and back. The Pokemon movies are also always fun, and I still have some old cards and my Pikachu slippers!

    Those are 5 ‘Fandoms’ that have essentially shaped who I am now. I’m sure there will be more in the future- but right now, these all were (and most still are) very important to me.

    What about you? TELL ME. I NEED TO KNOW.

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