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    Links Love: Star Wars Collection reference

    I found this amazing website on my search for more Star Wars comics, graphic novels and regular books.

    Their name is “Star Wars Books & Comics” — easy enough, right? Simple and to the point. Nice one.

    This website lists the known books in a sort of chronological order, depending on their ‘era of adventure‘ as well as places to read or buy them.
    It is so amazing. I’m in love.
    This must have been so much work.

    The graphic novel list can be found here.

    The regular novel list can be found here.

    They also have lists to the reference books, children’s books, and even audio books.

    They are a better reference than I could have ever imagined finding, and I’m really excited to share these links!

    If you find their collections as useful as I did, go send them a message on their Facebook, their Twitter,  or just stalk their webpage and leave a comment!

    Their website link is below- just click their logo!!


    Reading Recommendation: Star Wars Omnibus (Complete Saga)

    608 pages of comic goodness- it’s the classic Star Wars saga translated into comic format.
    It’s also surprisingly affordable.



    Title: Star Wars Omnibus- The Complete Saga
    Author: Archie Goodwin et. al
    Illustrator: AL Williamson el. al
    Universe: Star Wars, Marvel
    Synopsis:The comics adaptations of the complete Star Wars film saga – in one volume! From Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi’s fateful encounter with Darth Maul to Luke Skywalker’s victory over the Sith and Darth Vader’s redemption, it’s all here! Produced over the decades as the movies – including the Special Edition of Episode IV: A New Hope – were released, the creative credits read like a Who’s Who of comics greatness. This is a true collector’s package! [Amazon]

    Buy it here!