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    DIY Dino Planter

    Dino Planter

    So, I came across this post on Pinterest, and loved the idea.

    After some searching, I found that the original is from the lovely folks at Plaid Pigeon, I believe, so if you are gung-ho about purchasing one of these, take a look in their shop! Theirs include real plants, more color options, and more dinosaur (and even animal) options. Their store is lovely, so if you’d like to buy one, please visit them at Plaid Pigeon.

    But now, the problem was that I couldn’t afford the cute planter on my own, but still wanted one.

    For a DIY version, my instructions are below.
    If you’d like to put in a real succulent, instead of the fake one I used, all you’ll need to do is follow the alterations mentioned below, as well!

    Here’s what you’ll need for the Faux version:
    Things you'll need!
    -Paint color of choice
    -Paint Brush
    -Plastic Dino (Mine was $1 from Dollar Tree)
    -Craft Knife (Be careful!)
    -Faux Succulent

    For a REAL plant, please replace the Faux Succulent with a real succulent plant, along with gathering some small rocks, and some good cacti/succulent soil.

    First step is to cut a hole in the top of your dino. I used a faux plant, so my hole could be really small.
    Cut a hole
    For a real plant, make sure you cut out a large, even hole out of the back of your dino, and also cut a small hole in each foot (for drainage).

    Next step is to paint that sucker. I used a cute blue. You can also spray a coat of clear spray paint or enamel when finished for protection.
    Paint your boy
    For a real plant, make sure you don’t get paint inside the Dino.

    Then, add your faux succulent, and VOILA!
    Finished little guy!
    For a real plant, add a bottom layer of small rocks, another layer of soil, and then nestle your plant inside. Then, as previously mentioned- VOILA!


    You’re all set!


    #oddhoneyswap with Harper from

    So, I participated in the #oddhoneyswap from
    If you haven’t given the website a visit, I suggest taking a look.
    It’s run by a lovely lady named Harper. She’s an absolute doll, and she blogs about some interesting stuff.

    ANYWAYS. She started a package swap a few months ago, and named it the ‘Odd Honey Swap,’
    ‘odd’ because it happens every odd numbered month, ‘honey’ because it’s part of the blog name, and ‘swap’ because that’s self explanatory.

    Her original post about it is here: CLICK ME!

    You basically sign up by filling out a survey, the information from which will be used to help match you with a swap partner. Then, once Harper messages both parties that they’ve been matched, you start to communicate and get to know each other! Later on, you put a package together, on theme for the swap, created specifically for your swap partner (and wait for your own goodies to come in that mail).

    That’s it! It’s that easy!

    So, March’s theme was ‘Love Letters.’
    oh la la.

    Amazingly enough, I was partnered up with the Swap Master herself, Harper!

    We chatted for a month or two through email, and then sent each other our Love themed packages.

    Click here for Harper’s reaction to my package, along with her unboxing video!

    Or, click here for Harper’s package to me!



    Around the Web, Random

    Package from Harper!!

    As mentioned in the main post, found here, I participated in a package swap, with the lovely Harper from

    The theme was ‘Love Letters,’ and boy, did Harper deliver!


    Harper Box

    So, that’s an overview of the box she sent. It is PACKED with colors; stickers, candy, letters and fun goodies all over! It’s so cute, I love it.

    Let’s break it down, piece by piece.

    Harper gave some guidelines on what to send (of course, along the theme).


    So, first off, sorry for the pictures- it was really dark, and kind of stormy, so the pictures came out a little wonky.


    Task 1: love Letter to you

    Letter from Harper

    Harper sent me a genuine love letter. It was really sweet. We’ve been talking for a while, and got a glimpse into each other’s personality. She told me what she liked about me in her love letter to me. It’s awlways awesome to have physical reminders about your good qualities. This was a sweet letter.
    ALSO, your eyes are not deceiving you. Those are genuine Lisa Frank stickers. Beautiful. We live in a beautiful world.

    Task 2: love letter to me

    Letter to Harper from Harper

    This part was writing a love letter to yourself. I won’t share her actual letter, because that’s private.
    I think it’s a really brave thing to look at yourself critically, and talk to yourself honestly.
    This part was really important to me.

    Task 3: favorite music

    Mix Tape

    Harper also sent me a mixtape of her fav. songs! The song list is listed on the cd case (thank god, because I’m terrible at guessing songs, and too lazy to look it up). All good choices, friends. Look at that list.

    Task 4: favorite book

    Look at this. This doll got me a postcard.

    Postcard Front

    On the back, she named her favorite books, and mentioned that the postcard is from her favorite bookstore.

    Postcard Back

    I actually go back to NYC in two months, so I’ll be sure to hit up this spot in her honor.

    Task 5: snack lovin’


    Look at these candies. So sweet. I love sweetarts, and it’s super cute that they were all heart shaped. They even had little love notes on them (like conversation hearts), saying things like ‘Love U’ and ‘Cutie’. Super on theme. Lovey and yummy. And, the Hello Kitty candy was cute, too. I loved the packaging.
    I’m a sucker for nice packaging. It’s because I’m in Marketing, I guess.

    Brownie Mix

    She also sent some decadent red velvet brownie mix. Mmmmm. My mom’s favorite flavor for cakes and such is Red Velvet, so this will be perfect to share with here when I force her to binge watch AHS Coven with me. Spread the love, y’all.

    Task 6: love letter supplies


    Look at these cute writing supplies, too. I love them. This girl is rocking the theme hardcore, no joke. She knows what she’s doing.

    I’m especially excited for this one:

    Close up Stationary

    This is because I’m definitely going to send it to my little niece, whom I refer to as Booberry. Boo is a little over 2 years old, and she is the most beautiful, perfect child I have ever met. I love her so much.

    Even more exciting, Harper included some beads with the package.


    This is even more perfect to go with the stationary.
    ‘WHY?” you ask?

    Because, there were enough to make two matching bracelets.

    matching bracelets

    I’m going to make one for me, using the larger beads.
    AND THEN, I’m going to make one for my niece that matches mine, using the smaller beads.

    And I’ll mail it to her using the stationary I just got.


    I’m just really excited.

    Other items I got:


    Some sweet stickers. Once again, genuine Lisa Frank stickers. Are you excited for me? Also, rainbow smiles and action stickers. Perfect!



    An m-effin slinky. Yinz can’t possibly understand how great this is. Because I finally have stairs again. 15 magnificent stairs for this beast to crawl down.

    that’s a wrap up of my #ODDHONEYSWAP package.

    Thanks to Harper, from, for the amazing package and the chance to participate in the swap!

    If you’re interested in signing up for the next swap, check out her new swap page here.
    Deadline for signup is Friday, April 3rd!
    Packages should be sent out by May 9th.

    The theme is Bloom!


    Sorry guys!

    I’ve fallen a bit behind in posting lately.

    I had an internship 6 hours away from my home base,
    school has had midterms,
    and I’ve just generally been busy.

    But I’ll be picking up again soon!

    A peek at what’s coming up:

    -The #oddhoneyswap package I received from the lovely Harper from

    -The March LootCrate (Theme: COVERT)

    -My first Comic Bento box (Theme: Feminine Mystique)

    -An ACTUAL DIY for my amazing pizza pillow (and a link to my etsy shop for the lazier of you)

    -A SUPER HUGE, AMAZING DIY that  I’ve been slowly working on. I’ve been researching like mad to make this perfect.

    My ‘To-Read’ lists, for three genres: General Reads, Rereads, and Updated Horror Manga


    I’m really excited to throw a bunch of new content at you, so stay tuned.

    Please be patient with me.


    Geek Stuff, LootCrate Unboxing, Purchase

    LootCrate Unboxing – February 2015

    So, I’ve had LootCrate for a little over a year, I believe, and some of the themes have been hit or miss for me.

    But, this crate had some really neat stuff in it, so I’d have to say that this is one of my favorites as a whole crate.

    Just so we all remember:  LootCrate is a geeky subscription box. Each month, you get a box filled with nerdy goodies, gamer gear, comics, toys and sometimes an exclusive shirt. Items vary each month, following a theme.

    LootCrate can be found here. Subscriptions are $13.95 a month, plus shipping and handling [If you choose a one month at a time option- You can save month by signing up ahead for several box plans, like the prepaid 3 months plan). My LootCrate monthly total typically ends up, after S&H, being about $20 a month. There’s typically some sort of coupon code online for $3-5 off for your first box, if you’re thinking about a subscription!

    Here’s the crate for February 2015! The theme was ‘Play.’

    Here’s almost everything that was in the crate:

    Total Crate

    Part of the items are missing- there was a set of dice. Funny thing is, in the booklet they give you with the descriptions of the bags, they mention “we put these dice in a velveteen bag, so you don’t lose them!” but… I ended up losing the entire bag between when I opened it and took initial pictures, to when I took the group picture. Oops.


    Let’s go over the items piece by piece.

    First, there was the book ‘Ready Player One’ by author Ernest Cline.

    Ready Player One

    I’m super stoked to receive a book in my LootCrate. Honestly, I love tshirts, but I love even more that there was a book instead of a tshirt this month. This book is described as “Willy Wonka meets The Matrix,” so I’m pretty excited to read it. I don’t even know what genre that would fall in, beyond sci-fi.

    Next, we have the Looter Edition SUPERFIGHT Card Game, from Skybound Games.


    It seems like a geek version of Cards Against Humanity, so I’m really happy. Cards Against Humanity is hilarious, and adding a little nerd to the mix seems like an even better way to play.

    After that, we have a little Hexbug. I got the original version.

    Hexbug Name

    Hexbug Top

    It’s labeled as a ‘high-speed, oversized mechanical bug that scutters across floors and even flips itself over from its back.’ So… this is the least creepy version of a bug I will ever encounter. So that’s great.

    Next, there’s the exclusive ‘Rock-Paper-Scissors’ Dice Game, from Loot Crate itself. It also comes with instructions, because you can use them with the game board (which is the lootcrate box itself!)

    Crate Game Instructions

    Each side represents rock, paper, or scissors, making it a easy way to play RPS with no cheating.

    We also got a DIY Munny figure.

    Munny DIY FIgure

    I’m really excited about this, because I’ve been wanting a Funko Pop Blank DIY figure for a while, to turn it into a mini me, but this came in the LootCrate so now I don’t have to look elsewhere! We’ll just see whether or not I’m any good at actually customizing the thing.

    Lastly, there was a card code for the online Firefly Game.

    Firefly Card

    It’s for a premium ship, I believe, even though there’s a gun on the front side.

    Also, of course, the box was something neat again. This time, the booklet (the one that describes all your items) also had game pieces in it, and the box itself folded out to a game board! So cute.

    Crate Game Box

    Lastly, there was also the ‘Play’ theme pin, a button that changes depending on each theme with each box.

    There you have it folks! That was February’s “PLAY” themed box.

    Once again, if you’re interested, you can go to LootCrate to check out their subscriptions.
    I’m still thinking about switching to the yearly plan, to get the expense out of the way and to save an additional $24.

    If you’d like to save $3 on your first crate, they typically release a coupon code at some point, so watch for that!

    The theme for March is stated as ‘Covert’ which focuses on a “dynamite, jam-packed collection of covert operations” [Source – LootCrate].

    Around the Web, Comics, Novels, Novellas, Books

    Links Love: Star Wars Collection reference

    I found this amazing website on my search for more Star Wars comics, graphic novels and regular books.

    Their name is “Star Wars Books & Comics” — easy enough, right? Simple and to the point. Nice one.

    This website lists the known books in a sort of chronological order, depending on their ‘era of adventure‘ as well as places to read or buy them.
    It is so amazing. I’m in love.
    This must have been so much work.

    The graphic novel list can be found here.

    The regular novel list can be found here.

    They also have lists to the reference books, children’s books, and even audio books.

    They are a better reference than I could have ever imagined finding, and I’m really excited to share these links!

    If you find their collections as useful as I did, go send them a message on their Facebook, their Twitter,  or just stalk their webpage and leave a comment!

    Their website link is below- just click their logo!!

    Geek Stuff, LootCrate Unboxing

    LootCrate Unboxing – January 2015

    Despite getting LootCrate for about a year now, I’ve never done an unboxing for some reason.
    That seems like such an obvious thing to do? Why would I not?

    Either way, I’ve decided to start actually showing my LootCrates, instead of being selfish and not letting others know about them, ha.

    SO- LootCrate is a geeky subscription box. Each month, you get a box filled with nerdy goodies, gamer gear, comics, toys and sometimes an exclusive shirt. Items vary each month, following a theme.

    LootCrate can be found here. Subscriptions are $13.95 a month, plus shipping and handling [If you choose a one month at a time option- You can save month by signing up ahead for several box plans, like the prepaid 3 months plan). My LootCrate monthly total typically ends up, after S&H, being about $20 a month. There’s typically some sort of coupon code online for $3-5 off for your first box, if you’re thinking about a subscription!

    Here’s the crate for January 2015! The theme was ‘Rewind.’

    Here’s everything in the crate:

    Complete Box - Jan 2015
    There’s a lot in there, as you can see (I even forgot to add the standard ‘LootCrate button’ to the picture). Pretty solid chunk of goodies, right?

    Let’s go over the items piece by piece.

    First off: The might awesome Voltron shirt! It’s another LootCrate exclusive, a Voltron Blueprint T-Shirt from Flophouse.


    I love it. Black is my go-to wardrobe color, so it’s nice that this won’t disrupt that, haha. I also love the Kanji details- I feel like that gives it fancier touch. I was also super into this show as a kid. Nostalgia is one of my soft points, so this crate hit home.

    Next is the Star Wars comic, a LootCrate exclusive! The Star Wars Comic Book Issue 001 [Variant Edition] from Marvel. Obviously a score, with my babe Han on the front.

    Star Wars Comic LootCrate

    There was also this little guy. It’s labeled as an ‘Exclusive 10-Doh! Figure’ from Squid Kids Ink. When you first see the container, it looks like a mini game cartridge, which was neat on it’s own.


    But then, after unboxing it, you find out it’s a little dude! Complete with weaponry. Now I understand why it was labeled as a figure. Duh. It all makes sense. He’s a little cutie.


    Then, possibly my favorite item in the crate- a Comic Notebook from the Unemployed Philosophers Guild.

    Comic Notebook
    Seriously, how neat is this? It’s basically a craft-your-own comic book. There’s 4 paneled pages to draw your own story, and it comes with speech bubble/text templates. So cute. I’m stoked, because I’ve been wanting to doodle my life lately. This is perfect.

    Comic Notebook (open)


    Something else cute in this crate is the ‘Retro Arcade Skinny Tie’ from Black Tie Geek.
    Black Tie Geek Box

    Black Tie Geek Open
    Black Tie Geek Detail







    It’s geek chic at it’s finest, don’t you think?. It looks Space Invaders inspired, don’t you think? I might keep it to use as a headband, or use this technique to wear it as a bow tie. I also might send it over to one of my little brothers- a fellow nerd, who recently is celebrating getting a full-time, professional gig with a medical equipment company! He’s gotta look snazzy when he’s at work, I’m sure, so this sleek tie is perfect for it. It seems like a great little present to support him with.

    Lastly, from the Loot Crate Lab, we’ve got a pair of 8-Bit Glasses. Stylish, right?

    8 Bit Glasses LootCrate

    Since I wear regular glasses, I can’t wear these, which makes me so sad, seeing as they look amazing. But, I bet my nephews with dig them.

    Of course, there’s also the standard LootCrate button, which comes with each crate, showing the theme and month.

    Jan 2015 Button

    A final surprise from the crate- it’s a shape shifter! Upon inspection, you’ll find that you can unfold the LootCrate, and rebox it as a retro gaming unit! Love it. This’ll be great for storage- it blends in with the geek theme of my room!

    Box InsideCompleted Closed Box

    Overall, I love the crate, as I typically do.
    I’ll make sure to cover my unboxings from here on out, since LootCrate doesn’t typically update the ‘past crates’ link until an additional month has been released (i.e. January’s box items won’t be shown on the website until the February box has shipped).

    Once again, if you’re interested, you can go to LootCrate to check out their subscriptions.
    I’m thinking about switching to the yearly plan, to get the expense out of the way and to save an additional $24! Baller.

    If you’d like to save $3 on your first crate, you can use the code SAVE3 on your February box checkout!

    The theme for February was released to be ‘Play’ which focuses on “all the fun and fantastic games we love to PLAY! From tabletop to video, board games, card games, RPGs, desk toys and more!” [Source – LootCrate]