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    DIY X-Files Painting

    After a very long hiatus, I AM BACK.
    Sorry for the delay.

    Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

    Tomorrow is another Geek Girl Brunch in Chicago, and the theme is Reopening the X-Files.

    Needless to say, I’m absolutely stoked.

    In honor of the brunch subject, and my new found obsession with the X-Files, I made you a little tutorial for a painting of the iconic ‘I WANT TO BELIEVE’ poster from the show.

    It’s pretty easy to do, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

    Check it out, here’s the finished painting:

    So, gather your supplies.

    Starting to paint

    I used a large cheap canvas (Got it on sale from Michael’s for $5!!), some cheap acrylic paint ($0.66 each from Michael’s) in the colors Hunter Green, White, Black and Bright Blue (to get the various shades, just mix the colors with black or white, depending on the look you’re going for), some paintbrushes (about $0.20 each, but I bought a big variety pack), vinyl letter (I used 2 inch) and some water.

    So first, plan out your letters. I just drew some pen lines based on where I roughly though the letters belonged, based on my reference photo of the original poster.

    Add vinyl stickers

    Next, take the hunter green (or whatever bottom color you’ve chosen), and use it to lay the base layer of paint over the bottom 1/4 or 1/3 of the canvas. I used letters that didn’t stick very well, so my first layer is a little choppy looking, since I was trying to carefully paint over the letters. Once I did this, he letter stuck on the canvas, so I could use a rougher touch later (which is good, because I mixed hunter green and a little black together for the 2nd and third layers on the green parts).

    first layer of paint

    Next comes the sky. First, ‘paint’ the rest of the canvas with water. Not enough to soak it, but this will help us blend the sky paint.
    I mixed the bright blue paint with the white paint, not fully mixing the paint (it will look a little marbled – that’s the look I like). Slather it on the canvas, dipping your brush in a little water in you need it to smooth and blend it. It should look like a nice, smooth mix of shades of blue and white. niiiiiiice.

    finished sky and ground

    Now, add the rough shapes of the trees. I used the original poster as a reference for my shapes. Don’t worry about being perfect – you’ll paint over parts of them now, and fix the details later.

    rough shape of trees

    Add in some clouds. I basically started with plain white paint on a smaller brush and continually smushed it on the painting. Then, for the details, I made a little blue-gray paint by mixing white, black and blue- I used this as the darker parts of the clouds. Create whatever shades you want by changing the amounts of each color you use! This is your painting!

    add some clouds

    This next photos shows several steps.
    One was adding the bottom of the UFO, to gauge the placement and shape between the clouds.
    The other is that part I mentioned would happen a bit ago- slightly painting over the trees. In the original, there’s far off mountains/trees, that are shown by various shades of green/gray (depending on what version you look at). In my photo, I just show the random layers I made for those hills. The shades were created by mixing the hunter green with a little white, painting that layer of hills, and then mixing even more white, and then painting another layer on top. Does that make sense? I don’t communicate well. Just check the picture. Or as questions – I’m always here.

    start the UFO and clean up

    Next, paint the top of the UFO – I mixed black, white and green for a green/gray shade.
    I also re-detailed the trees here and blended the paint down the canvas again.

    re-detail trees

    Final details on the painting: for me, that’s some touches on the UFO, blending the bottom a bit more, and cleaning up the sky a bit. Use water if you want to re-blend.

    Almost Done!

    Now, WAIT UNTIL THE PAINTING IS COMPLETELY DRY. I just did some other stuff around the apartment for an hour, then came back. When the painting is dry, peel off your vinyl letters from the bottom of the painting.

    Before Clean Letters

    The letters may have gotten a little paint under them, so just freshen up the messy spots with some of the white paint.

    Clean Up Letters

    AND VOILA!!!
    You’ve got your own X-Files painting.
    Put it on display, boo. Be proud.
    I won’t lie, I was so happy, I kept giggling to myself. Alone. In my Apartment.
    Like a loser.

    Finished X-Files Painting

    But a really cool loser, you know?


    Stephy Young – Licensed Mini-Cart Operator.

    Recently, at my job (which is in a computer lab for those who don’t remember), we’ve been upgrading the computers and monitors.

    It’s way overdue- even though I still worked there the last time we upgraded, it’s still been a while (about 6 years, ha).

    The main point of telling you this isn’t so much because the computers are important or noteworthy.

    The important point is that I was entrusted to drive a mini-campus tank vehicle for transport of the computers and monitors from one lab to another.
    And the more important part is that you can legally drive on sidewalks in one of these babies. I just sort of cackled as I drove around campus on the sidewalks, elated by a feeling of misplaced authority.

    My favorite part is that there is a speed lock on the carts- you can’t drive faster than the campus speed limit of 20 mph. This meant that as I slowly drove by people, they got to experience every moment of the sheer jubilation on my face as I puttered past them.

    Not a big deal to many, but I’m just saying- if you ever get a chance to drive one of these puppies, I hope you felt what I felt.

    Is this the smallest amount of power that’s ever gone to someone’s head? Probably.
    But I enjoyed every second.

    Here’s a quick snap of the cart that I took in between rampages driving around.

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    Dragon Ear Cuff

    For anyone interested, I figure I’d mention that I got a sweet Dragon Ear Cuff this past weekend!

    If you are interested in the same one, I got mine from eBay.

    If you follow this link, you can find all sorts of styles, for either ear:

     Check them out here!


    Got a sweet dragon ear cuff. I'm digging it. #nofilter #dragon #jewelry

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    Walking Dead Trivia Game

    My wonderful nephews bought me a trivia game for Christmas, to keep my knowledge up-to-date while I wait for the show to start back up.

    If you like AMC’s The Walking Dead, and are interested in the trivia game, my nephews found it at their local ‘Five Below’ store for $5.

    If you’re interested in buying your own game – Click here!


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    DIY Pizza Pillow!

    A few months ago, I had the perfect idea for a Christmas present for one of my best friends.

    I decided on a veggie pizza slice pillow, because she and I have a shared love of pizza, and because she is a vegetarian! I made sure to ask her favorite toppings in a sneaky way (I just flat out asked ‘what are your favorite pizza toppings?’), so that they would be put on the pillow.

    Thus, the pizza pillow was born!

    DIY tutorial to follow in the future, as I make more for my Etsy shop!

    For now, just enjoy this picture of the pillow from my instagram!

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    Lady Loki Cosplay

    Here’s a quick snap of my Lady Loki costume from Halloween.

    I will be releasing DIY tutorials on how I made separate parts, along with real pictures and a walk-throughDIY .

    Hang in there!