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    Package from Harper!!

    As mentioned in the main post, found here, I participated in a package swap, with the lovely Harper from

    The theme was ‘Love Letters,’ and boy, did Harper deliver!


    Harper Box

    So, that’s an overview of the box she sent. It is PACKED with colors; stickers, candy, letters and fun goodies all over! It’s so cute, I love it.

    Let’s break it down, piece by piece.

    Harper gave some guidelines on what to send (of course, along the theme).


    So, first off, sorry for the pictures- it was really dark, and kind of stormy, so the pictures came out a little wonky.


    Task 1: love Letter to you

    Letter from Harper

    Harper sent me a genuine love letter. It was really sweet. We’ve been talking for a while, and got a glimpse into each other’s personality. She told me what she liked about me in her love letter to me. It’s awlways awesome to have physical reminders about your good qualities. This was a sweet letter.
    ALSO, your eyes are not deceiving you. Those are genuine Lisa Frank stickers. Beautiful. We live in a beautiful world.

    Task 2: love letter to me

    Letter to Harper from Harper

    This part was writing a love letter to yourself. I won’t share her actual letter, because that’s private.
    I think it’s a really brave thing to look at yourself critically, and talk to yourself honestly.
    This part was really important to me.

    Task 3: favorite music

    Mix Tape

    Harper also sent me a mixtape of her fav. songs! The song list is listed on the cd case (thank god, because I’m terrible at guessing songs, and too lazy to look it up). All good choices, friends. Look at that list.

    Task 4: favorite book

    Look at this. This doll got me a postcard.

    Postcard Front

    On the back, she named her favorite books, and mentioned that the postcard is from her favorite bookstore.

    Postcard Back

    I actually go back to NYC in two months, so I’ll be sure to hit up this spot in her honor.

    Task 5: snack lovin’


    Look at these candies. So sweet. I love sweetarts, and it’s super cute that they were all heart shaped. They even had little love notes on them (like conversation hearts), saying things like ‘Love U’ and ‘Cutie’. Super on theme. Lovey and yummy. And, the Hello Kitty candy was cute, too. I loved the packaging.
    I’m a sucker for nice packaging. It’s because I’m in Marketing, I guess.

    Brownie Mix

    She also sent some decadent red velvet brownie mix. Mmmmm. My mom’s favorite flavor for cakes and such is Red Velvet, so this will be perfect to share with here when I force her to binge watch AHS Coven with me. Spread the love, y’all.

    Task 6: love letter supplies


    Look at these cute writing supplies, too. I love them. This girl is rocking the theme hardcore, no joke. She knows what she’s doing.

    I’m especially excited for this one:

    Close up Stationary

    This is because I’m definitely going to send it to my little niece, whom I refer to as Booberry. Boo is a little over 2 years old, and she is the most beautiful, perfect child I have ever met. I love her so much.

    Even more exciting, Harper included some beads with the package.


    This is even more perfect to go with the stationary.
    ‘WHY?” you ask?

    Because, there were enough to make two matching bracelets.

    matching bracelets

    I’m going to make one for me, using the larger beads.
    AND THEN, I’m going to make one for my niece that matches mine, using the smaller beads.

    And I’ll mail it to her using the stationary I just got.


    I’m just really excited.

    Other items I got:


    Some sweet stickers. Once again, genuine Lisa Frank stickers. Are you excited for me? Also, rainbow smiles and action stickers. Perfect!



    An m-effin slinky. Yinz can’t possibly understand how great this is. Because I finally have stairs again. 15 magnificent stairs for this beast to crawl down.

    that’s a wrap up of my #ODDHONEYSWAP package.

    Thanks to Harper, from, for the amazing package and the chance to participate in the swap!

    If you’re interested in signing up for the next swap, check out her new swap page here.
    Deadline for signup is Friday, April 3rd!
    Packages should be sent out by May 9th.

    The theme is Bloom!

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    Links Love: Star Wars Collection reference

    I found this amazing website on my search for more Star Wars comics, graphic novels and regular books.

    Their name is “Star Wars Books & Comics” — easy enough, right? Simple and to the point. Nice one.

    This website lists the known books in a sort of chronological order, depending on their ‘era of adventure‘ as well as places to read or buy them.
    It is so amazing. I’m in love.
    This must have been so much work.

    The graphic novel list can be found here.

    The regular novel list can be found here.

    They also have lists to the reference books, children’s books, and even audio books.

    They are a better reference than I could have ever imagined finding, and I’m really excited to share these links!

    If you find their collections as useful as I did, go send them a message on their Facebook, their Twitter,  or just stalk their webpage and leave a comment!

    Their website link is below- just click their logo!!

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    5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Pop Funko Figures



    This one will actually be kind of tough for me, solely because I don’t really have an arsenal of characters in my room and because I seriously loooove so many of the lines out now . The only ones I currently own are ones gained through my subscription with Loot Crate, and two bought for me from a friend upon discovering I’m obsessed with Daryl from The Walking Dead (both of which can be found at Walmart- one’s grayscale and the other is just cute.)

    I love the ones I got from here, which include ‘The Joker Batman-Batman” (which I’d love for the name alone, ha) and an exclusive, glow-in-the-dark Groot (who is my super cute baby boy in life). Check out Loot Crate for those!

    I also bought a ‘Sharknado‘ one from eBay, but the seller never sent it! It was this whole big fiasco, and I still never got it.  I do love that one though. Pretty funny.

    So, all of those are a given for some of the favorites that I own, haha.

    Now, for the list.

    1) everything I’ve mentioned, technically.

    But, if I’m looking at all the collections, here’s where some of my favs look like:

    2) Taking a note from The Nerdy Girlie, I’m definitely saying that the Futurama collection will be the love of my life. That’s one of those shows I can watch over and over again without getting sick of it. I typically fall asleep to it most nights- it’s just one of my favorite things. When the line is out, I’m probably going to HAVE to buy Bender, Fry and Leela because my soul will hurt otherwise. I’ll sell other belongings to make the money and make the room. I don’t care. I will get them. They will be mine.


    3) Anyone from the Attack on Titan line. If I had to flat out choose, though, I’d probably get the Colossal Titan. There’s only 5 in the line right now, and he’s my favorite among them. Not my favorite character, mind you- he’s a buttface rude guy, for real. A serious trouble maker. I just think his Pop figure is the best in the line.

    hahahaha. naked NERD.

    Now, if they made a Hange/Hanji figure, I’d spend my money on it. I’d probably buy 12. Put them in places all over the house to cheer me up. In cupboards, behind my bathroom mirror, on my nightstand- everywhere. She’s my favorite babe.


    4) Spock, my boo. Always my favorite Sci-Fi crush. I think Mindy Kaling put the feelings into words the best-


    Just look at how cute he is. Awww. Even little eyeshadow. What a logical babe.

    Spock <3


    5) DIY Pop Lady. I like this one because I want to buy it and paint it like myself. I think that would be fun. I’d make my hair out of clay, fashion little clothes for her, make my glasses and stuff. It would be really cute and a neat activity for the future that I just might do.

    Just imagine the possibilities.


    I love so many lines, that it was hard to decide. Other favorites include:



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    R.I.P. Monty Oum

    I learned yesterday that Monty Oum has passed away.
    It turns out that he had “suffered a severe allergic reaction during a simple medical procedure that left him in a coma.” [Source – Rooster Teeth]

    It is a sad loss for the community – He was a talented, creative man working on some awesome stuff.
    My sympathy and thoughts go to his family and coworkers.

    Even if you are unsure of who he is, I imagine you’ve at least heard of some of his work. He was a web-based animator here in the US who worked for the company Rooster Teeth. He worked on Red vs. Blue and RWBY ( which is also the first American anime to be exported to Japan) most notably.

    The company has asked that, in lieu of flowers of gifts, we do something creative and “use your imagination to make the world a better place in any way that you can,” as that is what Monty would be doing if he were able to. [Source – Rooster Teeth]

    I’ve never been particularly great with drawing- I’ve never been able to bridge what I see in my mind to the pencil on the paper.
    But, I will try today, in honor of one of our own in the community. I will upload it later.

    Rest in peace, Monty Oum.


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    crunchyroll – Free 48 hour Access Code!

    More free access to crunchyroll.
    As a premium member of crunchyroll, I randomly get codes for free access to crunchyroll to gift to friends.

    I’m sure there’s rhyme and reason to it, but I’ve never really looked into it.

    After all, it doesn’t do me any good.

    Either way.

    Just follow this link for free 48 hour access!

    This code is valid until May 2015, so as long as someone else doesn’t use it, it’s yours for access!

    5 Fandom Friday, Around the Web

    5 Fandom Friday: Conventions I’ve Either Been To Or Wish To Attend



    Ahh, conventions. One of the best parts of the geek lifestyle.

    1) Wizard World Comic Cons – Luckily, there’s TONS of them, so there’s a lot of chances to go. The St. Louis one was my first, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. This year, I plan on attending (or dated order):

    These locations were chosen because they’re close to my current home, near St. Louis, or close to my other homes (family or friends).  Pittsburgh is where my family lives, and it’s the same time as my brother’s birthday (Sept. 14), so that would be perfect. Nashville is down by my college friend, Lazo. I figure I can get him and the other drumline dweebs we were friends with to go and have a fun weekend as a reunion. The ones in Chicago have amazing timing- I’ll be in Chicago for an internship the weekdays after Fan Fest, so I’ll be going there. I also plan on moving up there in August, so that’s great timing for Bruce Campbell fest and the regular WWCC Chicago event.

    2) San Diego Comic Con- The most classic of conventions. Amazingly, despite having brothers who had lived there/near there over two year, I didn’t go. I was even in town the week before one time, and the week after one time, and didn’t make it. It just seems so huge and difficult to start to get into. And now, none of my brothers are close anymore (one in the US Marines was there for Boot Camp, and now is soon getting moved to a perm. duty station, one in the US Navy who lived there for a few years and has been moved to a duty station in one of the Carolinas, and one who moved into the Navy bro’s apt. to house sit while he was on deployment, who moved back to PIttsburgh in October after being in San Diego for 9 months). I’m upset that I didn’t make it while I had people to stay with, but I figure I’ll make it there one day.

    3) New York Comic Con – The sweet sister, or cousin of SDCC. I love New York, and being there for a convention would be amazingly, stupidly fun. I’ll be in NYC in May, but not in October, during the convention, so I think I’ll miss it this year. Womp Womp.

    4) Colossal Con – I’ve been in love with Cedar Point and Sandusky, Ohio since I went there on a trip with my older foster brother and my best friend/current roommate. It’s so awesome up there. Cedar Point was inane, our hotel had a water park, and I looove the lake. So, learning from Mia from that there is also a convention there? That’s literally a dream come true. What a fantastic weekend that would be. I dream about it. It haunts me at night. I need to find a way to go (side note- if you’re going or want to, perhaps we should plan a trip? HMMMMMM?)

    5) Geek Girl Con – The Pacific Northwest seems so romantic for me, and I’ve wanted to visit so bad. This is another instance of ‘I should have tried when I had the chance,’ because one of my cousins used to live up in Seattle, while this convention is held. I also really, really like the idea of a girl-heavy convention. At regular conventions, I feel more judged (whether or not I actually am is something I don’t know if I can flat out prove). I feel as though my knowledge is put into question through quizzes from random people who think I’m a fake fan, I’m made fun of for being a plus-sized cosplayer, and I feel crowded and touched a lot. THey’re things I deal with, but I can’t help but feel as though this convention would be more laid-back, and accepting. I’d love to go for those reasons as a base, and then further because I’ve never heard anything nasty about it. It seems like a really positive fun time in a nice place.