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5 Fandom Friday: 5 TV Shows I Can’t Wait To Watch in 2017

I don’t want to admit how much tv I watch (lest you say I have a problem), buuuut the 5 Fandom Friday prompt this week calls for baring my soul and admitting what I’m super in to (I’ve never done that before *COUGH COUGH*).

I guess I’ll just have to use this opportunity to talk you ear off.

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday post is 5 TV shows I’m stoked for this year, and lemme tell you– IT’S GONNA BE BIG.


1) ATTACK ON TITAN [April 2017] – Absolutely numero uno for me. Good lawd I can’t even begin to tell you. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve been obsessed with AoT since the first season came out in 2013. We’re finally getting the second season (4 YEARS LATER) and I feel like I’m dying I’m so excited. Part of me is still suspicious (they’ve announced the second season in 2015, twice in 2016 and now again in 2017), so I feel like I”ll believe it when I see it. Buuuuut, Funimation themselves put out a release date and official trailer, so I’m feeling lucky this year…. although, the date is April 1st for release, and if it was an April Fool’s Day prank, I wouldn’t even feel mad. I would just accept it at this point. If it does happen, happy birthday to me! (Shameless plug- my birthday is in early April).

UPDATE: Here’s another funimation confirmation (say that 5 times fast) post. OH GOD IT’S HAPPENING.

[GIFS: Property of NBC and The Office]

2). The Walking Dead [Feb. 2017] –  I’ve been watching the Walking Dead for a few years now, but almost always as an ‘afterthought’ I’d say. I’m a big fan, but I haven’t had cable after moving out from my parent’s place, so I haven’t been able to keep abreast of the series until this past season. Now that I can steadily watch it on a particular day (due to dating someone with cable), I’m STOKED. I mean, I remember watching the first episode live with my little brother, and being super excited about it, so I love being able to watch live now. This past year The Dude and I would watch Westworld and then TWD and it made for amazing Sundays. It’s a shame Westworld won’t be back until 2018, though.


3.) Orange is the New Black  [June 2017] –  BRUH. OITNB has gotten DEEP and I FEEL IT. Season 4 ended on a MAJOR CLIFFHANGER with the entire season being one of the most tense situations as a whole yet. There is some serious social commentary going on, on so many levels, and I honestly almost cannot wait any longer in this situation. I hope it picks up exactly where it left off. The aftermath is going to be so serious. It’s really going to be great television, for one, but also showcasing the deep human emotions in the show continually motivates me to keep volunteering and donating and trying to improve lives. Silly to get it from a TV show, but it reminds me of little things (like women in prison need good books and things to help get out of the vicious cycle). Anyways.



4.) Z Nation [At some point in 2017] – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Asylum is like…my favorite tv show and movie producing people (They’re the geniuses behind every clever knock-off film , and even the sharknado series). They’re ridiculous and I love them. That applies because the SYFY channel and Asylum have teamed up to make a zombie show, and I love it. It’s full of the ridiculousness that I enjoy from Asylum, with sheer genius coming from SYFY. It returns this year, and I’m so excited! It’s actually really good, and the pace is great. Forget TWD where it takes several seasons to move cities- they people go ALL OVER and it’s great.  If you’re interested, seasons 1 +2 are on Netflix, and 3 is on the internet if you’re crafty (definitely *~*~*don’t*~*~* do illegal things).



5.) Bob’s Burgers –  There’s only two more episodes in season 7 this year, which means we’ll have to wait until September for season 8. Bob’s Burgers is one of my absolute favorite shows, and I NEED these fresh episodes. I’ve rewatched all the past seasons so many times I can recite them with my eyes shut while only being given the first line of the episode. I’m almost 100% serious. But, I do love the episodes so much, and can’t wait for all the new ones this year. If it’s anything like the past few season, we’ll get a solid chunk of episodes before the year’s end.




So, those’re the main shows I’m hyped up for this year. It’s gonna be BIG.


Annnnnnnnnd that’s this week’s 5 Fandom Fridays!


If you want to know more (like what the heck 5 Fandom Friday is), check this blog THE NERDY GIRLIE

This is the creator, and where all the subjects are posted! She’s a great gal!!

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